HVAC Financing Options

Special Financing Choices:

Replacing your heating and cooling system can be a large investment and often not a planned for expense. Shackelford Heating & Cooling wants to make this investment as easy as possible for you. We have many resources available to you for easy heating and cooling financing; whether you prefer the lowest monthly payment or our 0% interest programs we have a choice of financing options for any budget.

Financing plans offered through:

Service Finance Company LLC

Plan 1012 – 12 Months, Deferred Interest with Minimum Monthly Payments
(12 Months)

 Plan 4398 – No Interest, no payments for 3 months, if not paid off in first 3 months, then  6.99% APR for 60 Months.

Energy savings on your monthly utility bills from higher efficiency equipment will often make your net monthly payment even less! Our sales professionals have all the right tools to help inform and educate you for realistic energy savings and estimated net monthly payments

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If you’re interested in hearing more about financing new HVAC equipment, give us a call.